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System Certification

AJA Group of companies is a global provider of management systems assessment, certification and training services.The Group operates as a network in more than 40 Countries.



We operate under the accreditation of several Accreditation Bodies, such as:



UKAS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 2700, ISO 13485)




ANAB (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001)




JAS-ANZ (ISO 9001)






United Kingdom Accreditation Service






ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board






Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand






All of them are signatories of the MLA Multi Lateral Agreements, therefore worldwide recognized.We are accredited to carry out Audit of Conformance against a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors in the following schemes:


ISO 9001:2008    Quality Management Systems


ISO 14001:2004  Environmental Management Systems


ISO 13485:2003  Medical Devices Management Systems


ISO 22000:2005  Food Safety Management Systems


ISO 27001:2005  Information Security Management Systems


…and other specific sector schemes.


The implementation and certification of a management system tells your stakeholders that you have embarked on the journey of continuous improvement with regard to quality, environment or safety related issues.


External validation helps an organisation to continually improve its strategies, operations and levels of service.


Choosing the right Certification Body guarantees you an objective third party validation and benchmarking of your management system. Through our Risk Based Certification approach we assess your system’s compliance with international standards and measure how well key systems support your business processes.


Organizations today face many tough challenges in order to compete in the global marketplace. They have to be leaner, faster, and more innovative than their competitors, all while producing products and services that consistently meet the highest quality of standards.


The cornerstone of a management system is continual improvement: always striving to optimize processes and improve performance.


Those companies that choose to take their performance to a higher level and verify the success of their management system will have it certified by an independent third-party registrar.


The Difference is in the Registrar.


Not all certificates are equal. Choosing the right registrar can mean the difference between a certificate that wins business and one that gets overlooked.

The Certification Activity is delivered through our partners and branches.



The principal of them are located in:



 Bahrain  Brazil  Bulgaria
 Czech Republic  Egypt  Germany
 Holland  Hong Kong  Italy
 Japan  Korea  Malaysia
 Mauritius  Moldavia  Philippines
 Romania  Saudi Arabia  Singapore
 Slovakia  South Africa  Spain
 Switzerland  Taiwan  Thailand
 Turkey  United Kingdom  USA






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