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President Message

Welcome to AJA Europe Certification and Inspection W. L. L. We proud to serve diverse markets and business sectors with wide range of accredited certifications, and training solutions around the world. Our team of talented auditors and tutors are dedicated to adding true value to each and every AJA Europe Certification and Inspection W. L. L clients.With successful operations in more than 40 countries in all the continents; our aim is to support the governments and private organizations with our knowledge, expertise and overriding commitment to quality and client orientation.


We are a conformity assessment company having technical, operational, sales and business support expertise to help businesses and organizations manage efficiently their Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility issues Our primary asset is our staff. As a result, our first goal is to attract and retain the best people. Our managers spend a large part of their time recruiting, selecting, training, coaching, and leading their teams.


We aim to become the trusted, independent experts in sustainability to global business and governments. I believe our unique blend of world class risk and sustainability skills and knowledge will be unrivalled We will continue to support companies and governments as they strive to meet not only the increasingly complex challenges, but also the growing sustainability expectations of the future. We are all aware of the continuing corporate scandals that undermine many claims about sustainable business practice. As a result, we will not shy away from telling the truth and advising our clients to do the right things in the right way.


Through in-depth research and analysis, we determine the creditworthiness of companies, government agencies, and not-for profit organizations so investors can make informed credit decisions. We apply this same scrutiny to our not-for-profit partners, investing in organizations that are financially sound and experienced in making a difference for their constituents. These organizations work with us to ensure that our company makes a positive contribution to the people in the communities in which we do business. These “creditworthy relationships” are a fundamental element of our success as a company, as an employer, and as a corporate citizen. As we review and measure our impact in the community, our dedication and gratitude to our community partners grows ever stronger.


In Middle East and generally in Asia, our objective is to double AJA Europe Certification and Inspection W. L. L size over the next three to five years by growing our business both organically and through acquisitions. With a high-performance operational model and strong balance sheet, we have the resources to drive this rapid growth by investing in new service development, acquiring complementary businesses or technologies and enhancing our global supply chain capabilities.


The AJA Business System is a key differentiator for us and the engine that powers our efforts to transform the company and create value. It is a unique management approach that combines lean operations, global talent, supply chain and customer relationship development, and service innovation to drive growth.In addition to leveraging the AJA Business System, we are capturing market share through better service performance and faster lead times. Coupled with the increasing use of low-cost sourcing, these efforts should yield a sustainable competitive advantage and improved financial results for the long-term.


I invite you to visit our website often to keep apprised of our progress.


Alfonso Pagliuca

Chairman, President & CEO


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