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Personal Certification

Personal certification also known as certification of persons allows to demonstrate competence of persons complying with the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024  - General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

Operative process of Certification of competence of persons:

  1. Submit the request


 The applicant presents certification request form to AJA (available on web site).

The applicant have to indicate in which kind of profile he needs certification.

 The applicant provides his Curriculum Vitae and training evidences.

 The applicant completes the Qualification Scheme (School degree, work experiences, training done).

  1. Evaluation of request

                AJA Registrars Certification Manager evaluates certification scheme from candidate in order to verify his:

                - knowledge

                - experience

                - competence

  1. Acceptance of request

                After Certification scheme examination, AJA Registrars Certification Manager decides to:

                - accept the applicant demand (positive skills)

                - not accept the applicant demand (inadequate skills)

  1. Reception of documents introductory to test (examination)

                After acceptance of request from AJA, the applicant has to provide to AJA the following documents:

                - General rules of certification with signature;

                - Ethical code with signature;

                - AJA Brand manage procedure;

                - Payment in conformity to Price list; 

  1. Examination test

                - Nomination of Tutor

                - Compilation of list of candidates

                - First Step: Written Test (around 20 questions) 

                - Second Step: Oral Test

  1. Candidate Satisfaction

                The candidate has to complete the Satisfaction Questionnaire on Test management

  1. Evaluation of test comply with specific certification request

                Test evaluation:

                a) positive if total score is ≥ 70%

                b) negative if total score is < 70%

                in case a) Tutor propose the Competence of persons certification to the Certificate Comitee

  1. Decision about certification

                The Certification Comitee is composed by sectorial expert, internal and external.

                The Certification Comitee evalutate the test result and carry out the certification act to the AJA General Manager.

  1. Certificate Concession

                The AJA General Manager verifies the certification act and sign the certification concession.

  1. Maintenance, renewal, extension, suspension or revocation of certification

                Each year AJA verify the maintenance skills of candidate throughout:

                - training done

                - absence of complaints

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