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Telecom networks are a key infrastructure facilitating economic growth and social development of any country. In the fight against poverty in developing countries telecommunication plays a vital role in the development of the society.

The ongoing convergence of fixed-lines, mobile and broadband on one hand and the telecom, IT and media sector on the other hand is erasing the strict separation between suppliers, operators and value added service providers.

The telecom sector is continuously changing with new entrants, mergers and acquisitions. Key challenges are value chain positioning, convergence management, partnering, upgrades to next generation systems, new revenue sources, skill set, data security, service quality, sustainability issues and corporate governance.

Customers increasingly expect more advanced functionality, seamless integration between services, availability on fashionable mobile devices, and on the net, and high user friendliness and quality. This has lead to more sophisticated and critical services, more complex systems, more complex supply chains, shorter time to market, shorter product life cycles and need for flexibility and agility.

The risks are large and increasing and to stay in business for the long run risk management and operational effectiveness continuously have to be in focus. Environment, ethics and social responsibility is high on the news agenda around the world – mistakes or failures to comply with what is seen as responsible corporate behavior will influence reputation, market share and stock price.

In the future IT & telecom will be increasingly important as an alternative to transport due to climate change issues and policies. The telecom industry is uniquely positioned to help other industries cope with their sustainability issues. It can be an enabler of innovative solutions to sustainability challenges that exist in other industries. However, to get credibility telecom companies have to show that they act responsible in the world society.

As the "always-on" Information and Communications Technology (ICT) world evolves and converges, network vendors, service providers, manufacturers and software developers need to gain greater competitive advantage by partnering with a leading testing and certification laboratory which has the expertise, efficiency and global network of specialists to help meet their needs.

AJA's expertise brings best-in-class practices to ensure your telecom equipment or service, device, content or application is ready for the market and exceeds your customers' expectations. We deliver a range of services from global safety testing to certification that enables you to:


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