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The occupational safety and health became a critic element that requires a constant and correct management. Controls are more frequent and applicable sanctions put at risk the survival of the company.

Nowadays, controlling bodies can decree the closing of a productive unit due to a lack of an environmental authorization. Work Inspectors raise heavy monetary sanctions for irregularities in safety area; Judges allocate monetary and prohibitive sanctions (until the closing of the activity) in presence of culpable crime in occupational safety and health area.


AJA REGISTRARS EUROPE, with the certification of the occupational safety and health system , would like to reply to the companies need of having an awareness of the level of compliance with law requisites about safety.




• The length of the audit is shorter than an OHSAS 18001 certification

• The company acquire awareness about the level of compliance with the law about occupational safety and health being in the better condition to avoid administrative, monetary and prohibitive sanctions (suspension of the authorizations, revocation of funding, closing of the activity, ecc…)

• Demonstration of the compliance with legal conformity of occupational safety and health

• The company must elaborate a plan of corrective and improving actions

• The company can provide a demonstration of its own attention towards workers’ safety and health

• The company improves its bank rating through important advantages in terms of credit access and money cost


Certification procedure


The certification of the Organizational Model according to AJA Rules will include:



1. An analysis of the documentation about the evaluation and prevention of the risk, and any other information useful to the execution of the audit



2. An analysis to verify that the documentation reflects exactly and precisely the company reality, if expressly demanded by the Company



3. An evaluation of the prevention system of the company and of the occupational risks



4. Some ideas for the improvement of the occupational risks preventive system



The tools used by AJA REGISTRARS EUROPE auditors are represented by an operative check-list.


At the end of the audit, the AJA REGISTRARS EUROPE auditor will issue a Report including a risks mapping, the criticalities founded and the gaps that could turn into non-compliances with the law.


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