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X – Aequo

The certification of a system in compliance with this standard allows the company to demonstrate the application of Equal Opportunities from a gender perspective.

The Management System can be integrated into the Quality System ISO 9001 and adheres to the principles of excellence of Organizations provided by ISO 9004.



The management system includes mainly the following aspects:



1. Management responsibility for equal opportunities - Analysis of needs of stakeholders;


policies for the equal opportunities; action planning to ensure equal opportunities; internal and external communication; organization; Management Review.




2. Management of Resources – Staff selection and management from the perspective of equal opportunities; involvement and empowerment; training; skills and assessment.



3. Product / service realization - Equal opportunities integrated into business processes; value chain in the management of suppliers.



4. Measurement, analysis and improvement - Measurement and monitoring; cost / benefit analysis in light of continuous improvement; collecting of data and information disaggregated by gender and relationship system; Customer satisfaction; internal audits; management of non compliances; data analysis; corrective actions and preventive action.








The management of human resources and work organization in light of gender sets in motion a virtuous cycle that feeds on itself, by adding value and giving the organization a number of advantages:





 Improves internal management issues, through:




- improvement of the climate inside the company



- improvement of the quality of life and work of women and men



- improvement of the participation, motivation, commitment



- optimization of human resources development, including groups that are under-valued



- satisfaction of needs of different stakeholders



- reduction in absenteeism and turnover



- increased productivity



- development of gender differences as an added value




Improves the external image also by:




- making the place of work more attractive, as considered fair in terms of equal opportunities


- improving the quality of product and service.




Course of certification


The certification is obtained through an Audit of the Processes Management System with a Gender Perspective, articulated in an initial audit and two annual surveillances. Audits are made on the basis of an operational checklist to verify compliance with the Standard X-Aequo.The certificate awarded on completion of this course is valid for three years, subject to annual surveillance audits.The audit shall be independent by ISO 9001 certification but may also be carried out jointly in order to optimize costs.

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